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Secure SD & Micro-SD Cards

Make sure your essential files are secured and safe from malware before distributing them to users/customers.

When you need to physically distribute files to customers and you want to ensure they cannot alter, delete or copy those files in any way, then Read Only SD/Micro SD is your ready-to-go solution.

As the Administrator, you can install the simple software which allows you to enable or disable the Read-Only mode on the card.

You can then safely and confidently distribute these cards to your users/customers with peace of mind that no changes can be made.

The cards are available in capacities from 4GB to 256GB with temperature grades -25C to 85C

When Read-Only SD/Micro SD just isn’t secure enough, then there’s WORM SD / Micro SD

Once a file is written to the WORM SD then it is instantly unalterable. It cannot be erased or modified in any way.

If you’d prefer to have WORM capability in a USB format, then you can use a Multifunctional Card Holder, giving you USB 3.1 and USB Type C. Just slot the SD or Micro SD WORM card in the side of the holder and you are away.

WORM is a great replacement for CD/DVD ROM with most PCs no longer including a drive to read CD or DVDs

ROM with most PCs no longer includes a drive to read CDs or DVDs

X-mask memory cards provide 3 layers pf security to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

  • Hidden Data – Hide crucial data and keep the card invisible from prying eyes
  • Security Tool – Enable access to only specific computers or systems using the security tool
  • Data Encryption – Added protection of data encryption

The security tool enables password authentication access for Windows and SDK. The user can set a password and mask the data. Without the security tool and the passcode, the system will be an illegal host and the data will remain hidden.

The X-Mask memory cards are available in SD and Micro SD format, with capacities ranging from 4GB to 256GB and with different temperature grades to match the environment of your system,

To download the User Guide for the Flexxon ROM SD card, please click here: User Guide Read-Only SD-Karte

To download the Windows user software for the Flexxon ROM SD card, please click here: ROM SD-Karten Software

To download the User Guide for the Flexxon ROM USB stick, please click here: ROM USB User Guide

To download the Windows user software for the Flexxon ROM USB stick, please click here: ROM USB Software

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