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Success Stories

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Nexus were extremely helpful in assisting us overcome our particular memory issue – it’s incredibly valuable to have a supplier that can consult,
troubleshoot and help us overcome issues, and I’m really grateful to have them
on board

John Hardwick, Managing Director – In Touch Monitoring Ltd

Nexus provided more than just the physical hardware on this project. They have lots of experience with the USB protocol and helped us get up to speed with host-to-drive communications. Though USB is a standard it can be quirky at times. In this respect, Nexus added real value to the entire project, which is important to us because it’s how we like to be seen by Van Walt. Anyone can supply products, but it’s the service you put around those products that adds real value to the relationship.
Mark Bullen, Managing Director – GBE

The Datakey RUGGEDrive range was by far the best solution we could find to log data on our new e-SpadeLite Ground Probing Radar unit. Due to the robust nature of the token and the waterproof matching connector we did not have to worry about hiding the memory device away in a sealed compartment, something we have had to do previously with conventional USB devices.
John Bush, Senior Engineer – Pipehawk

For me, it’s the fact that Datakey has the same built-to-last philosophy as Bombardier which made them the ideal partner for this project.
Kevin Stewart, Senior Engineer – Bombardier Transportation

The Gold Standard provides recognition of the fact that you as a supplier have helped us to build quality excellence into our brands through capable supply.
UK’s leading in-cup vending company

We cannot afford systems failures and tram traffic disruptions, so only a reliable device that can be easily tailored, would do.
Roger Burridge, Senior Engineer – Orion Projects

Datakey products shone as being the best solution to the problem. Many other companies have tried to invent their own devices which have fallen by the wayside or failed to provide the longevity required.
Market leaders in unattended fuelling

The advantage of the serial memory product is that it’s an industry standard memory chip in a key, which is much easier to write to and address.
Kevin Stewart, Senior Engineer – Bombardier Transportation


We have found that conventional USB or SD simply doesn’t cut the mustard when it came to data logging under high levels of g-force, shock and vibration. We quickly overcame all these issues with the RUGGEDrive into next generation Alcatek Engine Control Unit (ECU) designed specifically for use in motorsport.

The token is ultra rugged and was held firmly in place by its unique connector. It continued to read / write under rally racing conditions. We were able to reliably log engine data throughout the rally giving valuable insight which has led to improvements being made to the set-up of the car. The rugged DFX Token and IP rated connector are now built into the new production versions on the latest Alcatek ECU system.
Andy Leech, Managing Director – Alcatek Control Systems

We have been using Datakey’s rugged memory key and keyceptacle successfully in our fuel management systems for many years. The reliability, ruggedness, long term availability and simplicity of use have made it the perfect solution for our MoD systems.
Michelle Hazleden-Plumbly, Account Manger – Transflo Fuel Management

The benefit of using the Datakey tokens is that they are removable and most importantly, very robust. Having a token that you can literally plug and play has significantly streamlined communications.
Roger Burridge, Senior Engineer – Orion Projects

The keys sit nicely on the key ring, they are robust and provide a happy combination of cost effective performance and technology.
Market leaders in unattended fuelling

The tokens are reliable and easy to reconfigure – they can be used time and time again. The fact that they are reprogrammable helps keep the costs down as well.
Roger Burridge, Senior Engineer – Orion Projects

We began dealing with Nexus in 1994, we have traded continuously throughout the period to date and continue to do so. Our monthly orders have been dealt with in a totally flexible manner and the close working relationship has meant that throughout that period we have never been let down on delivery. We look forward to continuing a very good partnership.
Dave Tomney, MD – Fleetfueller Ltd


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