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Looking for Datakey in the UK, Ireland, Germany or Scandinavia? Talk to Nexus.

The reality is that the standard memory products on the market simply aren’t rugged and secure enough for many organisations, and it’s that problem Datakey solve, by providing products that have been tested in the harshest possible environments, exposed to extreme temperatures, hazardous chemicals, medical sterilisation and a whole lot more.

And that’s just their ruggedness – security is another huge concern for many organisations. The Datakey products we supply offer unique connectors, making your data safer and reducing the risk of the data being accessed by unauthorised parties.

If you would like to know more about Datakey product ranges, contact us and we’ll send you a product brochure or answer any questions. 

To talk to us about your next application, give us a call on 01794 301439

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Rugged. Secure. Reliable.

ATEK’s Datakey products are rugged, reliable and durable removable (non-volatile) memory devices, available in token, key and plug form-factors, and which provide data transport, security and access control solutions even in extreme environments, where other methods, such as USB memory, would not survive. Furthermore, distinct from consumer-like memory solutions, they are a well-established product that will not become obsolete as technology progresses. As a result, they are commonly used by design engineers working on long term projects.

Nexus provide a very high level of service and support to customers, most of which are original equipment manufacturers. 

Nexus provides support during the whole design process, from initial design concept through to product launch and beyond. Whilst in some sectors this process might take years, Nexus is fully committed from the start, continuing its service and offering advice, support and technical knowledge throughout the entire project lifecycle.

The risk-free way to try before you buy

Our family of serial development kits provide all the necessary tools to build a simulated portable data system and test its features and benefits. They are the ideal PC based tool to help design engineers stuck at the drawing board

  • Test how our products can improve your device with no risk and minimal cost.
  • Reduce your R&D time and shorten your time to market.
  • Integrate our products, quickly and at a low development cost into your design.
  • Build a proof of concept easily, enabling business by-in for your design.
  • Troubleshoot any issues with prototypes by interrogating the key/ token using the development kit.

Everything you need to build a proof of principle within minutes

Our guarantee to you

We have 100% confidence in our rugged removable memory products.  If after using one of our development kits you decide our products are not right for your project, then we will refund the full value of the development kit within 6 months of purchase – no questions asked.


Nexus are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Datakey products

Nexus only partners with world leading manufacturers whose products are specifically designed to withstand the demands of the most safety-critical sectors, such as defence, medical, industrial and automotive.

Nexus are an exclusive distributor of Datakey products in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Scandinavia.

Nexus has been supporting the defence, aerospace, and transport industry for more than 35 years and has an exceptional track record for providing safe and secure memory solutions that are highly resilient and long-lasting.

Why choose Nexus:

Over 35 years experience as specialist partners in secure, rugged memory

Exceptional support and advice throughout your project’s entire life cycle*

A team trusted in many sectors including the military, aerospace, transport and renewables

Reliable supply and delivery across Europe,with EU and UK delivery hubs

* Including a no quibble replacement guarantee on Datakey products

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