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Looking for Foremay in the UK, EU, Switerland or Norway? Talk to Nexus.

Foremay is a renowned manufacturer of rugged military and space grade SSDs specifically designed for demanding applications in challenging environments within the military, defence, aerospace and deep space.

Their products are known for their exceptional durability, security, reliability and long term supply commitment, making them ideal for mission critical computing


If you would like to know more about Foremay product range , contact us and we’ll send you a product brochure or answer any questions. 

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Nexus appointed as Foremay distributor


Need SSD for military, defence, aerospace or deep space?

Foremay’s products are designed and manufactured for these sectors, understanding the special demands this brings

  • SSDs meet or exceed MIL_STD-810 F/G
  • Extreme anti-shock, anti-vibration and anti-EMI
  • Military secure erase and self destruction solutions
  • Advanced encryption technologies
  • Wide operating temperatures
  • Radiation hardened for Aerospace applications
  • Designed for deep space, GEO and LEO
  • Hermetically sealed for submarine / submerged and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)

Nexus are proud to be an authorised distributor of Foremay products.

Nexus only partners with world leading manufacturers whose products are specifically designed to withstand the demands of the most safety-critical sectors, such as defence, medical, industrial and automotive.

Nexus are an authorised distributor of Foremay products in the UK, EU, Switzerland and Norway.

Nexus has been supporting the defence and aerospace industries for nearly 40 years and has an exceptional track record for providing safe and secure memory solutions that are highly resilient and long-lasting.

Foremay is a USA corporation, based in California. Their SSDs are available in many different form factors and interfaces. Ultra high capacities with all the features you’d expect from a product range designed for military use including secure erase, self-destruction, self encrypted drives, high temperature ranges and optional rugged connectors

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