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Technological tomatoes

When I speak to people about Datakey products, what really brings them to life is examples of how others are using them.

And often, the example is in a totally different industry, but by picturing how and why they’re used, it sets engineers minds racing, and gives them ideas about how they can use them in their systems.

With spring (hopefully!) now taking hold, it seems a good time to share an example of a use in the fruit and vegetable picking industry.

You probably haven’t given much thought to the industrial equipment used to improve and speed up the process of fruit and vegetable sorting, but I’m sure you can appreciate that it’s pretty important equipment, and pretty advanced too.

WECO specialise in it, with a great range of brands including TomatoTek and BerryTek, but it’s not always been plain sailing.

Before using Datakey, WECO used a combination of USB drives and laptops, but due to the rugged environments their equipment is used in, in one year they had 15 laptops either lost or damaged.

WECO had major issues when it came to updating their equipment worldwide with the latest software upgrades.

That’s where Datakey memory products came in.

The rugged, portable memory system provided WECO with an easier and more efficient way to administer firmware updates.

The solution is so easy to use that the previous issues of language barriers and varying levels of computer knowledge are no longer an issue.

Now, the technician simply plugs in the Datakey memory token (either way up) that contains the firmware update and presses a button on the touch screen.

In addition to this, WECO have leveraged the technology to use the memory tokens for other uses, including restoring settings and cloning settings from one machine to another.

If you’d like to read more about this interesting use of Datakey products, click here

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