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Leveraging industry-standard serial EEPROM and NOR flash memory, Datakey offers memory keys with SPI, 12C or Microwire interfaces and capacities from 1 Kb to 64 Mb. The keys feature:

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Datakey offers both board-mount (through-hole) and panel-mount key receptacles. Additional features include:

KC4210 FR

It is often desired to use a PC to read data from or write data to a memory key. The KeyLink programmers support all of the Serial Memory keys and connect to a PC via a USB or RS-232 port. The programmers come with Windows® drivers and a sample application. The sample application can be used for troubleshooting when integrating a memory key into an embedded design, as it provides a known-good way to communicate with the memory device. For those who wish to develop their own Windows®R applications, we offer a development kit with all of the necessary tools, including the programmer.


The KeyLink development kits include everything needed to develop a Windows® application that can read data from and write data to a Serial Memory key using a KeyLink programmer. The development kit includes:

KeyLinkIII DevKit

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