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Token based authentication → CryptoAuthentication

Secure your data with token based authentication.

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Token based authentication takes Microchip’s ATSHA204A and ATECC608A high security hardware authentication ICs and repackage them into a rugged portable memory device. The memory tokens can be used for the secure storage/transfer of keys, certificates and passwords. They can also be used as secure credential along with many other applications.

The tokens feature:

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Learn more about Datakey CryptoAuthentication Tokens – watch our video

CryptoAuthentication memory tokens mate with Datakey board-mount and panel-mount receptacles. The board-mount models are available in both surface-mount and through-hole versions. Additional features include:

SR4410 FR

Microchip offers a CryptoAuthentication starter kit to aid in the development of embedded applications using CryptoAuthenticationTM ICs. The CryptoAuthentication SOIC XPRO Starter Kit (part number DM320109) can be purchased direct from Microchip or from authorised distributors.
We can offer two interface boards that work with Microchip’s CryptoAuthenticationTM Starter Kit. The two boards plug into the extension ports of the SAMD21-XPRO development board that is included in the starter kit. One board is offered with a vertically oriented board-mount receptacle, where the other is horizontally oriented. Both boards come with a header connector for interfacing to panel-mount SlimLine receptacles.

SR4210PCB CryptoAuthentication XPRO Extension Board 600x425 1

Microchip offers a CryptoAuthenticationTM starter kit to aid in the development of embedded application using CryptoAuthenticationTM ICs. The CryptoAuthenticationTM SOIC XPRO Starter Kit (part number DM320109) may be purchased from Microchip or from an authorised distributor.

Microchip SAMD21 XPRO CryptoAuthentication Kit with Datakey Extension Board 600x425 1

This document describes the hardware and firmware to be used with Microchip’s CryptoAuthenticationTM Starter Kit so that Datakey CryptoAuthentication memory tokens may be used with the kit’s ATSAMD21 XPRO development board. (Interrupt based detection)

110 MB

This video is a tutorial showing you how to use Datakey CryptoAuthentication memory tokens with a Microchip SAMD21 Xplained Pro development board or kit. It uses the Microchip Studio IDE and XC8 compiler along with the CryptoAuthentications Basics Lab.

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