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UFX RuggedDrive Family Tight 1

RUGGEDrive™ | UFX Series

The UFX Series of RUGGEDrive™ memory tokens provides USB flash drive functionality in a field-proven, rugged and reliable form factor. Choose a product type below to view detailed information on individual products available (via in a pop-up window).

UFX RUGGEDriveTM memory tokens provide USB flash drive functionality, come with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface and are available in capacities from 4-64 GB. They have several advantages over consumer USB flash drives, which make them ideally suited for embedded applications outside of the consumer market:

RuggedDrive Token Gray

There are over two-dozen receptacles to choose from when incorporating a UFX RUGGEDrive memory token into an embedded design. Choose from board-mount or panel-mount receptacles. The panel-mount receptacles offer models with IP65 or IP67 ratings, for applications that require ingress protection. We also offer models that incorporate design elements to reduce electromagnetic emissions.
Like the UFX memory token, the UFX receptacles offer several advantages over traditional USB type A connectors:

UR4410 FR

The UFX PC adapter allows users to transfer data from a UFX RUGGEDrive memory token to a PC (or vice versa) through a standard USB type A port. Simply plug the UFX token into the adapter and then plug the adapter into the computer’s USB port. The operating system will then recognize it as a USB flash drive.

It should be noted that we only sell our products to our qualified OEM customers, and our products are not available through retailers or the major electronic distributors. This means that you are in control of who gets the PC adapters.

UFX PCAdapter BK

If you are considering a UFX RUGGEDriveTM solution for an embedded application, consider purchasing one of our UFX development kits. Each kit comes with:

UFX RuggedDrive DevKit

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