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Memory Cards

A broad range of memory products for embedding into systems.

From removable memory through to secure memory ICs, Solid State Drives (SSDs) and modules.

Working closely with our suppliers, the manufacturers of the products, we have ensured these products can meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications: all those situations where commercial is not secure enough, not rugged enough and/or has no guaranteed long-term availability.

Peace of Mind

For decades, organisations across Europe have been using – and continue to use – products recommended and supported by Nexus, and our customers have the peace of mind knowing that their memory solutions will stand up to the most extreme situations and remain secure.

Applications engineers at heart

Moreover, we are far more than distributors or resellers of memory products. We are applications engineers at heart. We have sound advice to offer and can work under terms of strict confidentiality. Also, such is the close relationship we enjoy with our suppliers, we can work with them to develop new solutions – see ‘Custom Products’ below.

Product range & Specifications

Industrial & Embedded

Form Factor

SD, microSD, Compact Flash, CFast, CFExpress


128MB – 1TB

NAND Flash


Operating Temp

−40°C – 85°C


19TB – 3840TB


3,000 – 60,000 P/E cycles


2–5 years


Form Factor

SD, microSD, Compact Flash



NAND Flash


Operating Temp

0°C – 70°C,−40° C to 85° C



Cyber Secure

Form Factor

SD, microSD



NAND Flash


Operating Temp

0°C – 70°C,−40° C to 85° C



Discover the difference Nexus can make

Looking for memory integration that’s rugged, long-lasting and secure?  You’ve just found it.

secure, rugged & long lasting memory products

Organisations across Europe use Datakey products with confidence, knowing they’ll stand up to the most extreme situations and remain secure.

We work with the military, as well as industrial, commercial, aerospace and transportation across Europe; supplying UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland with Datakey products.

Industrial Grade. Longevity.

Flexxon designs and manufactures industrial NAND flash storage solutions for the cybersecurity, industrial, medical and automotive (CIMA) sectors, meeting the requirements of customers who demand the highest level of reliability, endurance and wide operating temperature ranges.

Flexxon pride themselves on giving long product life which is not easy in NAND flash. Strong technical support with firmware designed and written in house.

Flexxon products are specifically designed for industrial use and we can offer low capacity memory not available in consumer products.

Industrial grade products ideal for host devices that are sensitive to harsh environments with fixed BOMS and firmware.

Nexus Industrial Memory

Related Product Series

Flexxon WORM

Flexxon ROM

Flexxon X-Mask

Flexxon X-Sign

Flexxon X-Phy

Datakey Cryptoauthentication™

Datakey RUGGEDrive™

Datakey serial memory

Datakey Secure memory

Military grade SSD

Why Nexus?

Fit-for-purpose solutions

Nexus’ memory and data storage specialists take into account the operating environment challenges you might be facing and recommend fit-for-purpose solutions. For example, you might be developing a system for a harsh environments and need to protect against high vibration levels, temperature extremes, dust or high moisture levels. Security might be a high priority too.

Discover the difference that Nexus can make

Engage with Nexus Industrial Memory at an early stage in your project and we can make sure our experiences, gained in the very sectors in which you operate, ensure your projects are successful, risks are reduced and you remain price competitive.

Established in 1987, we have a proven track record of working with businesses and organisations, and supporting them through product selection, integration, development and post implementation.


Over three decades of experience in providing the world’s best industrial memory and security solutions to customers across Europe


Our secure memory products are commonly used by design engineers and security experts working on long term projects, with more than 3 million units currently in UK service alone

Support & Advice

Expert advice and customer service on hand any time throughout your product life cycle and beyond.
Our technical experts take the time to fully understand our customers requirements often saving you time and money.

Proven track record

The official Datakey supplier for the UK, Norwegian and Swedish military.

Speak to a Nexus Expert

Contact us today for help with understanding, selecting and sourcing memory.


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