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Narrower focus?

I was just reading a really interesting article that rang true for me, and I thought it might for others too.

It’s a piece written by Neil Poxon for, and Neil expresses the view that “innovation success” is often achieved by a small organisation working hand-in-hand with a large one.

His point is that because larger organisations have a “narrower focus” and are often more engaged in the day-to-day delivery of services, they’re often unable to innovate in the way that they would like to.

Innovation, Poxon argues, can be bought in from smaller, more dynamic organisations, who are perhaps freer to think more creatively, and can get concepts tested and pushed through more quickly.

We’re seeing this concept more and more in the defence sector specifically, and I’d love to understand whether it’s an engineering-wide trend.

You can read the full article HERE, but I just wanted to get an engineers take on it – do you feel like innovation is easier when you’re working with a smaller or larger organisation than yours?

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