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Secure healthcare data storage

Designed for medical engineers

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Are you an engineer for the medical sector? Are you looking for a reliable, robust healthcare data storage memory solution for a medical device? Well, here it is.

If you’re after a memory key or token to authenticate and/or limit the use of a disposable medical device that you’re working on, Datakey products are for you.

The industry-leading Datakey memory keys and tokens will do exactly what you need and can also be used to positively pair two medical devices

A long term solution

Noticed that it can be a struggle to find a memory key that stands up to the long life cycles of your medical product? The good news is that the long term availability of Datakey memory keys and tokens makes them the perfect candidate for medical devices manufacturers.

How to solve wireless co-existence for your medical device

Datakey products are still reliable and robust, even 30 years on from when they were first created. Where other technology has failed, Datakey remains safe and secure.

Support at every stage

Not only will Datakey products provide a rugged, robust solution for your medical device security and memory problems, but the Nexus team will also lend a helping hand wherever you need. You’ll receive support as you select your product, integrate it and even after that too.

To help you understand how Datakey products will benefit your medical device manufacturing, take a look at the three case studies we’ve included below.

If you would like to know more about wireless co-existence for your medical device, complete the blue form. You’ll receive our 13-page white paper covering why testing is so important and the best ways to link wireless devices.

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Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. When they were developing their WiSe HDTV Transmitter and WiSe HDTV Surgical Display which allows surgical video as well as video signals from other devices like surgical robots and radiology devices to be transmitted wirelessly. They needed to ensure that a transmitter and display were intentionally linked.

They needed to ensure that a transmitter or display didn’t accidentally link to a display or transmitter in a different operating room.

This is where Datakey products came in. Stryker chose to use a portable memory device to carry link information. They wanted to use a memory device which had good long term availability, proven technology, highly reliable and durable.

St Jude Medical specialise in a non contact heart mapping system that measures and calculates the the electrical fields in the heart.

The specialised catheter is mass produced for one single use, each catheter is subject to manufacturing variations and must be calibrated with the exact location of the electrodes.

To achieve this, they turned to Datakey products as they are sterlisation resistant, fully engineered and available for the long term.

The high cycle life receptacle which gives tactile confirmation when an inserted token is physically engaged made it easy for the users of the system.

CHF Solutions (part of Gambro) is a medical device designer and manufacturer specialising in the area of fluid overload.

The Aquadex FlexFlow safely and cost effectively removes excess fluid in patients.

CHF needed a disposable memory device to integrate into the Aquadex FlexFlow and chose Datakey.

The Datakey token must be inserted to the receptacle on the unit for the unit to function. The token then tracks the time per circuit and informs the user at the end of the standard 8 hour treatment

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