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How much thought do you give to this?

How much thought do you give to the data you store and transfer and how you store or transfer it?

The reason I ask is that I came across an article the other day about the “USB Killer”.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s what you need to know:

The USB Killer is a “commercially available USB stick that can fry almost any computer in seconds by rapidly collecting power from the USB power lines and then repeatedly discharging 240V into the host device until it dies”.

The USB Killer is designed to test USB ports against power surges. Pretty scary in the wrong hands.

The USB Killer is just one of many ways that USBs are used to damage, destroy or steal valuable information and data, and I urge you to ensure your colleagues and customers are educated to never insert unknown hardware.

It’s for reasons of security that many of our customers opt for Datakey systems – USBs (like the USB Killer) cannot be plugged into a Datakey connector keeping the data, and the system that houses it safe.

If you haven’t thought about how secure your data is, and how open to attacks it might be, I’d gladly have a chat with you – just drop me an email and we can set something up.

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