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Data Security

Updates from the Nexus team

For very good reason, security is getting its time in the sun right now. The world feels more unpredictable and dangerous than it has for quite some time, with tension all over the world. And as a design engineer, it...

In significant news for European cybersecurity, Nexus Industrial Memory, a leading distributor of Flexxon’s cutting-edge data security solutions, has today announced the launch of the X-PHY® Server Defender. Unveiled at RSA Conference 2024, the X-PHY ® Server Defender stands alone...

The demand for bespoke, high-performance memory solutions has become increasingly pronounced in industries that often encounter hostile working environments, such as aerospace, defense, and marine applications. These challenging environments necessitate reliable memory products that offer exceptional durability, resilience, and data...

The transportation industry, a critical component of the global economy, has seen remarkable advancement in recent years. With the rise of autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and real-time monitoring technologies, the industry is now more connected and data-driven than ever...

In an era where data has become one of the most valuable assets, ensuring its security and compliance with regulatory standards is paramount. Nexus, a leading technological solution, is at the forefront of helping businesses achieve this critical balance. With...

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