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Flexxon announce the world’s first independent hardware solution for comprehensive server security.

Hardware security for servers

In significant news for European cybersecurity, Nexus Industrial Memory, a leading distributor of Flexxon’s cutting-edge data security solutions, has today announced the launch of the X-PHY® Server Defender.

Unveiled at RSA Conference 2024, the X-PHY ® Server Defender stands alone as the world’s first independent hardware solution for comprehensive server security, offering comprehensive security features, including:

  • Full-stack monitoring and defence that protects your system from hardware and firmware layers.
  • System reversion capability which enables full system recovery in the unfortunate event of a breach.
  • Real-time threat response that uses Flexxon’s patented algorithms to ensure zero-day threat detection and mitigation.
  • Instant data restoration to minimise downtime and data loss following an attack.

Hardware security for servers

X-PHY Server Defender operates independently, leveraging Flexxon’s unique, patented algorithms for real-time threat detection and response. This self-sufficient design ensures instant data recovery, minimising downtime even after a security breach

“We are excited to unveil Server Defender, building on the success of our hardware-based X-PHY® endpoint solutions,” said Camellia Chan, CEO and Co-Founder of Flexxon:

“Server Defender is built upon truly revolutionary technology that will change the cyberwar landscape in our favour by addressing the greatest needs of end users and service providers.

Not only does the Server Defender boast real-time monitoring and response capabilities, but it’s also capable of reducing downtime by at least 50% and instantly restoring lost or compromised data. Server Defender has been meticulously designed to mitigate these risks by delivering industry-leading recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).”

Chan added:

“Cyberattacks can bring operations to a grinding halt, costing businesses millions in downtime and recovery efforts.  This comprehensive platform, in providing lightning-fast data recovery and granular recovery points, ensures negligible data loss and fulfils the end users’ and service providers’ needs. With Server Defender, our customers can drive their core operations forward, secure in the knowledge that their data and services are safeguarded against sophisticated cyber threats”.

Michael Barrett, Managing Director at Nexus Industrial Memory, was equally pleased:

“The X-PHY ® Server Defender stands on its own, and is set to change the face of cybersecurity – we’re delighted to be partnering with Flexxon to bring this product to organisations in the UK, Ireland and Germany”

Here’s how the Server Defender leverages Flexxon’s cutting-edge technology:

  • Matrix Shield technology: Continuously monitors attack vectors across various system layers.
  • Real-time threat detection and live reversion: Ensures swift response and minimises data loss.
  • Centralised security monitoring: Manages security across multiple servers and data centres.

Flexxon’s commitment to innovation:

Since the launch of the X-PHY SSD in 2021, Flexxon has consistently developed a suite of powerful, hardware-based cybersecurity solutions. Their mission is to provide users with easy-to-implement and effective security solutions, safeguarding their digital assets and fostering peace of mind.

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