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Datakey COTS, electronic keys and tokens are the de facto standard for cryptographic ignition keys (CIKs) in data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption devices. The rugged designs ensure reliable operation in the harshest tactical environments. The long-term availability of the products means your product life cycles can be measured in decades.

Datakey memory keys and tokens are used to authenticate and limit the use of a disposable medical device, or to positively pair two wireless medical devices. The long-term availability of the products makes them the ideal choice for medical OEMs with long product life cycles.

Why rely on consumer USB flash drives and SD cards that aren’t designed for harsh industrial environments? Datakey memory tokens are specifically designed for industrial use, being both rugged and secure. We can also offer IP67-rated panel-mount receptacles for outdoor or wash-down applications.

Datakey products are the ideal fit for transportation systems. The keys and tokens are rated for operation from -40 °C to +85 °C and have a 35-year history of reliable operation in challenging environments.

Datakey memory devices can withstand the vibration, heat, humidity and dust found in agriculture and construction environments. The devices can be dropped in mud, covered in oil, coated with dust, cleaned with diesel fluid, submerged in water and still do their job.

Datakey products make the perfect partner for renewable energy applications where exposure to the elements is vitally important. Reliability is also critical due to the remote location of many renewably energy sites. Typical uses include calibration, parameter settings and data logging.

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